by Monte Carlos

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released December 12, 2014



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Monte Carlos Columbia, Missouri

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Track Name: Get Found
Today could be the day that it all falls into place
I could be crowned the new king of outer space
But I get shot down with those whatever eyes
Your stereo fangs leave me paralyzed
And your ire consumes my sky

At least let me turn up before you turn me down
Find my feet before you steal the ground
See the light before I hear that sound
You got to get lost before you can get found

Let me tell you about the way you word the sentences you speak
They always never fail to shake me, leave me weak
But I get washed out, nearly erased
You don’t have to say a word, it’s the look on your face
I can tell I’ve been replaced

It could have been today but instead it was a waste
It could have been gold, instead I’m last place
It should have been smooth like silk, aged like wine
Instead I get piss and porcupine
And a night of never mind.
Track Name: Hey Raleigh
I’ll be your Dashiell Hammett
Action and adventure is all I crave
Your Ernest Hemingway
I’ll drink myself into the grave
I’ll be your hero
And I will save your everyday
Cause I’m new man, Raleigh
And you can trust the thing I say

Hey, Raleigh. Come on back to me.

I’ll do what Ian Fleming
Only wrote about
Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I’ll figure your mystery out
I know your needs
And I’ll provide in every way
Cause I’m new man, Raleigh
And you can trust the thing I say
Track Name: Galena
Galena, you got me dreaming of the spaces I could fill
Galena, mansion on the hill

Galena, there’s no way that I could afford the bills
Galena, mansion on the hill

Someday, you will belong to me
Galena, if I start to play to the lottery.
Track Name: High Up & Dumb
High up & dumb
The producer said
Son, you got the goods
Got a bright future ahead
But I’ve never seen my name, shining bright in lights
And I’ve got to wonder

I must have been dumb
To believe those words
Even on their face
You know they’re patently absurd
But it got me hoping he wasn’t joking
And it got me wondering

Sure as shit I was high
Self-absorbed and aplomb
I think I mentioned before
That I was also dumb
But I’m still scheming, still dreaming
And I’m still wondering
Track Name: How's It Gonna Be
It’s all over the radio
Just hovering in the air
All the roads out are closed
The people all running scared
You better find some place to hide
You better lock yourself in
The only thing that I know
Is that it’s all about to begin

So how’s it gonna be?
We’ll have to wait and see

I could get you on the phone
No one’s seen you on the street
Now I’m haunted by the drone
Of the shuffling of nervous feet
Should I just end it now?
Or should I leave it up to fate?
Either road that I choose
I won’t have long to wait
Track Name: Mountain Thunder
You don’t need no permission, just walk up in my kitchen
Get yourself some cooking, you know its finger licking
Have a look around, sit your ass on down
We’re gonna drive this conversation right into the ground
We’re gonna hit it like a bong, gonna fuck it up
Gonna sing it like a song about breaking up
Full of raw emotion, enough to fill an ocean
Take a little sip of this shit

Mountain Thunder

But let me digress, let me take it home
I’ve been thinking ‘bout the thunder, ‘bout the great unknown
You can get a six pack for just $2.50
My only questions for you is, are you with me?
Gonna take it to the mountain, mountain make me sing
Gonna listen to the thunder, hear the thunder ring
This ain’t no diet cola, this is a real soda
Can’t you taste it on your lips?

Certain death up ahead, yeah you heard me right
If you question my decisions you’re looking for a fight
But if you’re looking for some thunder come and get you some
Swish it all around, it’ll make your mouth go numb
Gonna hit it like a bong, gonna fuck it up
Gonna sing it like a song about breaking up
Full of raw emotion, enough to flood an ocean
I think you know what I mean
Track Name: Don't Give a Damn
Some people say that life is nothing but cruel
And that love, yeah, love is the errand of a fool
And I used to believe them, believe that the words they said were true
But that was all before the day that I met you

I don’t give a damn about the cynic’s view of love
You allay my last worry with three words and a hug

I’ve had some dark days that I had to fight to get
And night, yeah, nights that put the midnight into the blue
But now I’ve got dreamtime, sunshine, flowers all in bloom
And it happens every single time that you walk in the room

I don’t give a damn about the cynic’s view of love
You allay my last worry with three words and a hug
You don’t give a damn about the pessimistic view
And if you’re happy then I’m happy just hanging around with you
Track Name: 69 Ways to Kill your Lover
1st degree burns, 2nd degree black belt
A marvel of modern engineering, this body is built for stealth
On the count of 3 pull the ripcord, don’t you leave behind a single clue
Between use it’s all cloak and dagger, no one will know what we do

We can be discrete lovers
Even on top of the covers
Our love is spy vs. spy
But are the secrets that are whispered the truth or a lie?

If the question is motive, cold war’s the decree
As the agents of super powers, I think we both can agree
On 69 ways to kill, the cause and the cure
Between us it’s all cloak and dagger, kept behind closed doors